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MikroTik Ayiti : Who are - we? 

"MikroTik Ayiti" (represented by Pierre Andre VOLTAIRE et Pierre JOSEPH)  is the official distributor of the range MikroTik in Haiti since 2003. 

Beyond the range of MikroTik router, we offer a wide range of products allowing you to build custom-made indoor/outdoor wireless networks (casing, antennas, accessories, energy ...).

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MikroTik Ayiti will continue to provide high-bandwidth connectivity to a variety of transit environments now and in the future. By 2010, it expects to complete the deployment of the wireless network throughout all the 10 districts of the country.

MikroTik Ayiti offers a comprehensive range of services: System Program Planning and Management, Engineering Design, Application Engineering, Frequency Band Planning, Path Survey, Design, Network Engineering, Operations and Maintenance.

The situations and challenge

Banque A needed to link all of its branch offices in the metropolitan zone to the data centers in each city, providing e-mail services, Internet access and, most important, access to the bank’s centralized server. It was imperative that the link be extremely secure and deliver carrier-class reliability to enable the bank to share all the banking services in their centralized server environment. In addition, the densely urban environments posed significant interference problems, making it difficult to achieve optimum performance.

The result : Banque A now has MikroTik point-to-point broadband wireless links to 32 of its branch offices. Even the lowest bandwidth is more than sufficient to provide current communications and carry future applications for Banque A. The branch office in Cabaret reports that the MikroTik links have been running trouble-free for more than six months.

In addition, we deployed a private, broadband wireless network in Port-au-Prince metropolitan zone for the Microfinance B to allow access to a central server running ACCPAC and inter-branch VoIP calling. The Micro finance B links his entire branch since 2003 with MikroTik Wireless Router.


The installation of a MikroTik Network include automatically a training seminars for network engineers, integrators and managers, who would like to learn about routing and managing wired and wireless networks using MikroTik RouterOS.


When you purchase a MikroTik radio you automatically paid for a one-year limited warranty on hardware components, plus minor software enhancements as they become available. This initial hardware warranty provides a 24-hours repair-and-return programme for damaged parts. At the time of equipment purchase or any time prior to the expiration of your 12-month standard warranty,


Mikrotik Ayiti recommends that you purchase the following Extended Warranties to receive upgraded and/or extended equipment coverage:

·         Link Guard All Risk Extended Warranty: Provides 24-hour Advanced Replacement and covers any and all types of equipment damage, including lightning damage, dropped units, vandalism and fire.

·         Alternative and Backup Power source : Inverter, Battery, Solar panel for keeping the Network running on power.